1233 Japanese White-eye

Ala Moana Park Honolulu, Hawaii January 15, 2016 set of 3 This species is an introduced bird to the Hawaiian Islands. I’d have to say these two birds really like each other!

1229 Red-vented Bulbul

Aina Haina, Hawaii January 12, 2016 This is the second type of Bulbul that was introduced to Hawaii from Africa and tropical Asia. I found both Bulbuls in Aina Haina Valley, a suburb of Honolulu where my wife grew up.

1228 Red-wiskered Bulbul

Aina Haina, Hawaii January 16, 2016 These birds were introduced to Hawaii. They are normally found in Africa and tropical Asia. I don’t know what group to put them in, so I’ll leave it uncategorized.

A Minor Change

I have always posted photos in chronological order on my bird blogs. I have such a backlog of photos I’ve decided to make a change. Starting in January 2014 I will begin posting photos that are the most currently taken and work my way backwards. They will all be new photos to the blog,  but…

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