1229 Red-vented Bulbul


Aina Haina, Hawaii
January 12, 2016

This is the second type of Bulbul that was introduced to Hawaii from Africa and tropical Asia. I found both Bulbuls in Aina Haina Valley, a suburb of Honolulu where my wife grew up.

1228 Red-wiskered Bulbul


Aina Haina, Hawaii
January 16, 2016

These birds were introduced to Hawaii. They are normally found in Africa and tropical Asia. I don’t know what group to put them in, so I’ll leave it uncategorized.

A Minor Change

I have always posted photos in chronological order on my bird blogs. I have such a backlog of photos I’ve decided to make a change. Starting in January 2014 I will begin posting photos that are the most currently taken and work my way backwards. They will all be new photos to the blog,  but don’t be surprised if many of the photos were actually snapped a year or two ago. For you Facebook users, my son-in-law and I created a group on Facebook called Birding – Western USA & Canada. Feel free to come and join us there. You will see some excellent photos from several different bird photographers.