1356 Forest Life


Unknown Location
April 15, 2016

This photo is a bit soft as I took it with my telephoto lens. I should have changed lenses, but my guess is that I didn’t have my other lens with me. Anyway, I thought this mushroom, lichen, WHATEVER, was interesting.

1300 Baby Iguana


Club Cascadas de Baja
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
December 14, 2016
set of 4

On occasion I take advantage of a non-bird moment. I was lying by one of the swimming pools at our resort when I noticed this baby Iguana near me. I had fun with this very cooperative subject.




1275 West Cliff Drive


West Cliff Drive
Santa Cruz, California
October 21, 2016

This is one of the rocks you can view as you drive or walk West Cliff in Santa Cruz. There are gulls, Brown Pelicans and Elegant Terns.