1356 Forest Life

Unknown Location California April 15, 2016 This photo is a bit soft as I took it with my telephoto lens. I should have changed lenses, but my guess is that I didn’t have my other lens with me. Anyway, I thought this mushroom, lichen, WHATEVER, was interesting.

1355 Great Egret

Santa Cruz, California April 6, 2016 set of 3 I believe I have most of my current 2017 photos posted, so I’m going back to 2016 and processing photos I had yet to get posted. I’m probably going to run into issues about where a photo was taken. I know the date, because it’s part…

1353 Deer & Lizard

Santa Cruz, California Don’t remember location April 4, 2016

1352 California Quail

Felton, California May 24, 2016 This bird posed for me for quite some time, so I got a bit carried away.

1351 Wilson’s Warbler

Henry Cowell Redwood State Park Felton,┬áCalifornia May 24, 2016 This set of 4 photos was taken over 1 year ago. I just never got around to processing the photos for posting. I am up-to-date on recent photos, so I’m going back to finish off 2016. Then I’ll tackle photos from 2015 that never got posted.…

1331 Hooded Oriole

Backyard – Corcoran Lagoon Santa Cruz, California May 27, 2017 I’m pretty sure these birds have a nest in the Acacia tree behind my cottage – between my cottage and Corcoran Lagoon. I’ve occasionally seen Hooded Orioles in Santa Cruz during spring. I always seen them in Nov and Dec when I’m down in Cabo…

1329 Caspian Tern

Corcoran Lagoon Santa Cruz, California May 14, 2017 set of 4 I had a really fun time photographing these Terns as they flew back and forth from lagoon to ocean. I got a little carried away, so I am posting 2 sets of these photographs. Did you know this is the largest of the Tern…

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