1076 Gila Woodpecker


Club Cascadas de Baja
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
November 27, 2013

Every year I spend two weeks down at our timeshare in Cabo San Lucas. In our resort there are always opportunities to see the Gila Woodpecker. Here is a set of five photos I took a little over a month ago. These were taken from the lanai of my friend Christa’s villa.


The above photo shows the female Gila Woodpecker.


“You talkin to me Willis?”



1069 Northern Flicker


Sequim, Washington
December 18, 2013

This is not a very good photo, but I found it interesting to see a Northern Flicker on a wire. I guess I had never seen a Flicker on a wire before – on the grass or in a tree, or pecking on the side of my house, but a wire? Anyway. There he is.

1049 Red-breasted Sapsucker


Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
Washington State
January 11, 2012

In this set of 2 photos I first show you a quick photo I took of the Red-breasted Sapsucker. He didn’t stay around long. I was walking on the boardwalk out to two barns, or returning (what’s the diff), and found this bird close to the area where I have photographed one before. The previous encounter went better as the bird was much more cooperative. The second photo is a scenery shot of the boardwalk. It is a very extensive boardwalk – going in a loop for over a mile out to Two Barns and back.