1374 Hutton’s Vireo


Neary Lagoon
Santa Cruz, CA
November 1, 2017

If I’m correct on this ID, this is a lifer sighting for me. I had difficulty deciding what category to place a Vireo in. I read that it could be similar to a Warbler, but then I read it is more similar to a Shrike. I chose Warbler since I have Shrikes under Birds of Prey.



1351 Wilson’s Warbler


Henry Cowell Redwood State Park
Felton, California
May 24, 2016

This set of 4 photos was taken over 1 year ago. I just never got around to processing the photos for posting. I am up-to-date on recent photos, so I’m going back to finish off 2016. Then I’ll tackle photos from 2015 that never got posted. Even though I recently posted a bunch of photos of this species recently on this blog, those were photos taken in Washington, whereas, these were taken in California.




1343 Wilson’s Warbler


Cushman Trail
Gig Harbor, Washington
June 14, 2017
Set of 5 photos

We had quite a Wilson’s Warbler encounter on this date. There were a handful of these birds flitting around. This is the first set of three. I have found these bright yellow birds to be quite a challenge to photograph. Since I always shoot in raw format, I was able to decrease the Vibrancy of the photo during processing and I had better results.