1355 Great Egret


Santa Cruz, California
April 6, 2016
set of 3

I believe I have most of my current 2017 photos posted, so I’m going back to 2016 and processing photos I had yet to get posted. I’m probably going to run into issues about where a photo was taken. I know the date, because it’s part of the metadata. I can probably figure out the state, but the exact location may be a challenge. When I have current photos, I’ll cease my historical quest and post them.

I think I took these photos at Lake Moran. There are often Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets there, but this was a flyover.



1323 Snowy Egret


Moran Lake, Pleasure Point
Santa Cruz, California
April 6, 2016
set of 4




Same Location As Above
April 29, 2016