1305 Cement Ship


Seacliff State Beach
Aptos, California
April 1, 2017

I’ve been visiting this old ship here at Seacliff since I could barely walk and I’m now 68. The severe weather this winter really did a number on the old ship. It is even more broken up and the bow portion has severely shifted. The pier is closed to foot traffic. This has always been a favorite breeding area for cormorants. This goes to show you, nothing lasts forever. Do a search on the Internet for this ship and you can read about its interesting history.

1275 West Cliff Drive


West Cliff Drive
Santa Cruz, California
October 21, 2016

This is one of the rocks you can view as you drive or walk West Cliff in Santa Cruz. There are gulls, Brown Pelicans and Elegant Terns.

1066 Hurricane Ridge


Hurricane Ridge
Olympic National Park
February 5, 2012

I decided to try out my status as a senior citizen and my National Park pass to go up to Hurricane Ridge. Here are a couple of winter photos. The scenery was spectacular as usual (unless you get clouded in), and I got a chance to photograph a Gray Jay and Raven in the parking lot. This building is the lookout facility. There are some interesting displays, a place to get a bite to eat (at a premium price) and a gift shop.




1062 Sequim Countryside



Sequim Countryside
February 4, 2012

Driving around Sequim, Washington enjoying the beauty of the area and looking for birds.




Mount Baker as seen from Sequim, Washington


The Cascade Mountain Range as seen from Sequim, Washington.

1051 Vaughn Bay Sunset


Vaughn Bay
January 8, 2012

We often get some rather nice sunrises and sunsets here at Vaughn Bay. I experimented with my new camera and put it on sunset mode to see what it could do. Not too bad.


1049 Red-breasted Sapsucker


Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
Washington State
January 11, 2012

In this set of 2 photos I first show you a quick photo I took of the Red-breasted Sapsucker. He didn’t stay around long. I was walking on the boardwalk out to two barns, or returning (what’s the diff), and found this bird close to the area where I have photographed one before. The previous encounter went better as the bird was much more cooperative. The second photo is a scenery shot of the boardwalk. It is a very extensive boardwalk – going in a loop for over a mile out to Two Barns and back.


1043 Bald Eagle


Sequim, Washington
January 3, 2012

East of Dungeness Spit State Park you can drive along the cliff where you will find at least one eagle nest. Sequim area is an eagle magnet. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, if you drive around you are going to see eagles – lots of eagles. There are a lot of trees right on the edge of the cliff right next to the road, so you can usually get up close and personal with America’s favorite bird.




This is a view from near where I photographed the eagle, looking out to Dungeness Spit and the lighthouse. On the other side of the lighthouse and across the strait is Canada. Dungeness Spit is 5.5 miles long and I have yet to walk out to the lighthouse. Walking on the rocky spit is slow. I understand the spit is the longest in the United States. The water on this side of the lighthouse is called – guess what? – Dungeness Bay.