1105 Java Sparrow


Java Sparrow (Lonchura oryzivora), also known as Java Finch, Java Rice Sparrow or Java Rice Bird
Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu, Hawaii
January 28, 2014.

I think this bird looks more like a finch than a sparrow. It originally came from Indonesia and is a pest bird for rice farmers. It is a caged pet bird throughout the world, but has a large wild population in Hawaii, especially Oahu. If you walk around in Waikiki, you find plenty of Java Sparrows in park areas.



juvenile Java Sparrow
Aina Haina, Hawaii
January 23, 2014

I photographed these juvenile birds in the backyard of the house where my wife grew up – now occupied by her brother. There is a stream running next to the back yard and lots of mango, star fruit and other trees on the property. Aina Haina is a suburb valley in Honolulu.

1104 Red-crested Cardinal


Ala Moana Beach Park
Honolulu, Hawaii
January 28, 2014

Across the street (sort of) from our hotel we usually stay in (Ala Moana Hotel), is a very large park. It is a good place to see many of the birds that hang out around Oahu. Most of them were introduced from other world regions. Many of the introduced birds came from Asia, but this particular bird came from South America.




1096 Common Waxbill


Waimanalo Beach Park
Waimanalo, Hawaii
January 25, 2014

This was a lifer for me. I know this species is not indigenous to Hawaii, but nonetheless, it is thriving in the Hawaiian climate. Many pet birds in Hawaii have escaped to form a new colony. This bird is very tiny and constantly on the move. This is the only spot I have observed this species.




1078 House Finch


Club Cascadas de Baja
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
November 27, 2013

Putting bread out on the lanai is I guess considered cheating, but it certainly attracted a variety of birds for photographing.