1066 Hurricane Ridge


Hurricane Ridge
Olympic National Park
February 5, 2012

I decided to try out my status as a senior citizen and my National Park pass to go up to Hurricane Ridge. Here are a couple of winter photos. The scenery was spectacular as usual (unless you get clouded in), and I got a chance to photograph a Gray Jay and Raven in the parking lot. This building is the lookout facility. There are some interesting displays, a place to get a bite to eat (at a premium price) and a gift shop.




1065 Gray Jay


Hurricane Ridge – Olympic Peninsula, Washington
February 5, 2012

We decided we wanted to check out Hurricane Ridge on this cold winter day. Port Angeles is about 17 miles from Sequim and the road up to Hurricane Ridge is in that vicinity. I very seldom get to see this particular bird species, as they are found up in the mountains. I took advantage of the situation and here is a series of 4 photographs I took in the parking lot up at the lookout. I’m sure the bird was drawn by the people and the snack crumbs they often drop on the ice and snow.








1064 Bald Eagle


Sequim, Washington
February 4, 2012

Sequim has a wealth of different birding sites. Along the bluffs at the edge of the Strait of Juan de Fuca you can find eagles all the time. It is one of their favorite hangouts. Bald Eagles love the Sequim area, and they can be found in abundance throughout the year. Here is a set of 3 photos I took on this outing.






1063 Killdeer



Near 3 Crabs Restaurant (now closed)
Sequim, Washington
February 4, 2012

It wouldn’t be a normal stay in Sequim if we didn’t drive out to where the 3 Crabs Restaurant used to be. Across the road from the empty 3 Crabs building, is a field and marshy area that is part of a duck hunting club. There was no fence put up, so I ignored the signs to walk in a few yards and take this series of 4  photos. All photos are of the same bird.




1062 Sequim Countryside



Sequim Countryside
February 4, 2012

Driving around Sequim, Washington enjoying the beauty of the area and looking for birds.




Mount Baker as seen from Sequim, Washington


The Cascade Mountain Range as seen from Sequim, Washington.

1061 Red-tailed Hawk


Schmuck Road, Sequim, Washington
Februrary 4, 2012

My daughter and her family have a vacation home in Sequim, Washington, so I often spend a few days out there on the Olympic Peninsula because the birding is so good. Schmuck Road is a fun road to drive. It goes by a dairy and then up the hill through farmland. There are often bird of prey on this route, as well as migrating geese, and elk coming down from the mountains to hang out in the fields. These two photos are a little noisy.