1092 Feeding Frenzy


Ediz Hook
Port Angeles, WA
January 9, 2014

While visiting Ediz Hook (not Idiz Hook like on my photo) I saw a bunch of activity on the strait side of the hook and went to investigate. There was a feeding frenzy among gulls and cormorants. In the photo above you can see a cormorant with a fish. It was a lot of fun to photograph as it was right next to shore. I lived in the Marshall Islands for 5 years and we would go deep sea fishing along the reef and look for bird activity. It often meant a school of tuna and we would run our lures through all of the turmoil – sometimes successfully and sometimes not.



1091 Northern Harrier



Carrie Blake Park
Sequim, Washington
January 9, 2014

I was busy checking out the pond at Carrie Blake when I saw my wife frantically making gestures towards a field next to the park. Upon investigation, this is what I found. In a situation like this I wish I was shooting with my 500mm, but I sacrifice the reach to not have to lug my tripod around.


1090 American Wigeons


Carrie Blake Park
Sequim, Washington
January 9, 2014

Photographing more than one bird at a time can be a challenge when it comes to focus and depth of field. Since these birds where about the same distance away, the sharpness that I wanted was achieved. This is a good photo showing the difference between male and female. The male is to the left.

1088 Red-tailed Hawk


Schmuck Rd, Sequim, Washington
January 8, 2014

We were doing our bird run which we do every time we stay a few days out at our vacation place in Sequim (actually my daughter’s). When we arrive in the winter it is 55 degrees in the house so we run in and turn up the heat and then get back in the car for a ride. Our African Gray parrot is always with us, so we can’t stick her in a 55 degree house. Anyway, on our route up Schmuck Rd just beyond the dairy and going up the hill we found this Red-tail. I was taking photos through the window, and the light was rather poor. Here are 3 photos that are marginally OK.



1087 Double-crested Cormorant


East Cliff Drive
Capitola, California
October 26, 2013

I guess I got a little carried away this day. My wife and I were walking East Cliff Drive in Capitola, CA. There were tons of Brown Pelicans and Cormorants flying around due to the abundance of anchovies in the water this Fall. Several Double-crested Cormorants flew up in this tree and were preening themselves and watching the surfers below the cliff.





1086 Northern Shoveler


Near Troll Haven & Boat Ramp
Gardiner, Washington
December 21, 2013

These photos were taken near the area where we had recently found the Emperor Goose. It was a little difficult to take these shots because tall grass was obstructing the view and I was in the car. I was afraid if I got out of the car they would spook and I was right.


1085 Great Blue Heron & Canada Geese


Theler Wetlands
Belfair, Washington
January 4, 2014

It was a rather slow day at Theler today and I only got two keeper photos for the day. This one shows a variety of birds on the other side of the road as I was walking back on the new loop trail. Notice a male Mallard in the background and to the right a hybrid Canada goose (I think). He has been around here for a few years. Theler has made some dramatic changes recently. Some farmer’s levees have been removed and much of the land has been reverted back to marsh. It was all mud the day we were there, and I hope that is because it was low tide. A new footbridge has been erected and a loop trail established for part of the walk. We’ll have to see if it is an improvement or not in drawing birds to the area.

1084 Marsh Wren


Theler Wetlands
Belfair, Washington
January 4, 2014

This was my first photo for 2014. As we began our walk we found this little guy in the marshy area at the beginning of the trail where we usually see Red-winged Blackbirds breeding in the Spring. Marsh Wrens are fairly common at Theler, but usually heard and not seen.

1083 American Kestrel


Club Cascadas de Baja
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
December 2, 2013

The second week down in Cabo we stayed in our own villa which has two lanais – one facing towards the inside of the resort with a lot of trees and the other facing the beach/ocean. We were sitting on the lanai enjoying the ocean when this American Kestrel flew into a palm tree in front of us. I walked downstairs and around to the other side of the tree in order to try to get a better photo angle. The bird was cooperative for a little while and here is a series of 4 photos I took.