1343 Wilson’s Warbler

Cushman Trail Gig Harbor, Washington June 14, 2017 Set of 5 photos We had quite a Wilson’s Warbler encounter on this date. There were a handful of these birds flitting around. This is the first set of three. I have found these bright yellow birds to be quite a challenge to photograph. Since I always…

1340 Cedar Waxwing

Cushman Trail Gig Harbor, Washington June 13, 2017 Not a great photo. This bird flew up in a tree near me, and was gone after I took one photo. Cedar Waxwings are so beautiful that I just had to post it.

1336 Killdeer

Gig Harbor, Washington June 12, 2017 There is a family of Killdeer behind our house in a big field. This adult bird was pretending to be injured in order to draw my away from its babies. This is typical behavior for Killdeer.

1335 Wild Rabbit

  Field Behind Our House Gig Harbor, Washington June 10, 2017

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