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I’ve decided to add some photo info at the bottom of a photo gallery. Just hover your mouse over a photo and it will give you the common name of a bird with a number in front. Go to the number of the photo on the bottom info post to see information about the photo. Keep in mind that this information was originally posted in a message blog format, so may at times be a little confusing. Sorry about that, but I’m not going to re-write all the descriptions. Copying and pasting the info was tough enough. For instance, if I mention the last post or the next post, it will probably be of the same species so just go up or down by number.

I number my photos like this:
045 – one photo
045m – would mean there are two photos in the set (045 and 045m)
045m4 – would mean there are five photos in the set (045, 045m1, 045m2, 045m3, 045m4)
m stands for more
v045 would mean the photo is in a vertical format (I do this for my own information.)
I usually try to put what I consider to be the best photo as the first number when there is a set, but don’t discount the others in the set. Some viewers prefer the m-photos over the first one.

So, if you can find photo 001 you would see the very first photo I posted. The numbers aren’t that important. The higher the number the more recent the photo and it will help you find information about the photo at the bottom of the gallery.

Once I get all the archived photos on the new blog, I have yet to decide whether I will post the photos in a blog posting and a gallery or just in the gallery with some info data at the end of the gallery. If you have any preferences, drop me an email in the Contact Me section.

The gallery photos look best if the whole line is horizontal format or vertical format. I tried putting the vertical photos at the bottom of a gallery, but it is a real chore. For now I think I’ll just leave it looking a little jagged. Sorry.

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