The Story of Lana the Sea Lion


Moss Landing, California
August 1, 2011

There once was a little sea lion named Lana that desperately wanted a nice warm spot to get some rays and a little afternoon nap. The problem was that there was a big sea lion convention in town for a summer fling, and accommodations were really hard to find. She searched and searched for a spot, but every place she tried,  she was gruffly turned away.


“Please make some room for me!”

Well, this forlorn little sea lion was actually quite brave. Even though she got pushed back into the water when she tried to get up on the dock, she used her intelligence to devise a plan. No sea lion in their right mind would go on the other side of the dock and jump up in that big bull’s spot. What I didn’t know was that this little sea lion was from Santa Cruz, and we all know what that means. So she promptly swam under the dock and jumped up on the big bull.


“This bull sea lion does not look at all happy!”

It didn’t take the little sea lion long to realize that she wasn’t wanted in this spot. She got the point after a few nips and some awful nasty growls, but half the battle was won. She was on the dock. Without delay, she decided to find someone a little less frightening to challenge, and started hopping on top of all the sea lions to find a better place.


“Come on you guys, make room for me!”

One thing was obvious. This little sea lion was stirring up the WAH of the community. “Oh, sorry Ethel, was that your flipper?” “I just want to get a little nap and dry off so my coat is pretty and golden like yours, Ethel.”


“Get lost honey, this is our spot!”


“Come on Gertrude, Lana just wants to fit in. Give her a break. Back to sleep. Don’t be such a grouch”

So, Lana the little sea lion found her spot, even though it was on top of Marge and Freda. Things settled down and a few of the girls celebrated by doing a snazzy little synchronized “whatever it was”. Ever try to nap with your head under water? You’ll never know how cool it is until you try it.


“Don’t try this at home!”

And that’s the story of Lana the sea lion. The motto of this story is – “I’d rather be a sea otter!” Or, “Call ahead for reservations.”

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