A Series of Unfortunate Events

I was informed from my website server that all php5 blogs would no longer be supported and that I needed to upgrade my blog to php7. When the deadline came my bird blog went belly up. I found out that my blog theme, purchased from Cyberchimps, was no longer being supported/upgraded. It was called Eclipse Pro 2 and I really liked it. I was told I could buy Eclipse Pro 3, but when I did my blog looked like a disaster. I found a free theme from WordPress and installed it. It lacks the bells and whistles I had before, but it is the best I can do to try to save years of hard work.

My Keep Santa Cruz Weird blog – www.akabirdnerd.com/blog – still works for some reason. I had a choice of dumping this blog, but I still have 2 years of paid use. I guess I’ll keep plugging along the best I can.

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