1042 Trumpeter Swan


Sequim, Washington
January 3, 2012

Every winter we find the Trumpeter Swans in a different location in the Sequim farmlands. Sometimes they are close to the road, and sometimes not.



Sequim is a small town at the foot of the Olympic Mountains. It lies between the foothills and the water – the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Canada, or Vancouver Island, lies across the strait. Sequim has a lot of retirement couples, because being in the rain shadow of the mountains, it rains less that most places in Western Washington. It is often a bit breezy because the wind shoots down from the mountains blowing the rain clouds northward.

Even though Sequim has many of the big box stores, Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, etc, etc, it has maintained its rural personality. Most of the town is along one busy street. Birding here is awesome. Besides Geese and Swans, Elk often come down from the mountains to graze in the fields during winter.

1041 Great Blue Heron


Three Crabs – Sequim, Washington
January 3, 2012

One of my favorite spots to find birds in the Sequim area is Three Crabs. The restaurant is closed now, but I think the area will always be identified as Three Crabs. The road ends at the old restaurant building and the water. Just before you get to the restaurant there is a small body of water and a marshy area. This is where I found the Great Blue Heron. Out in the water there are old pilings where you almost always find a Bald Eagle or two. The last photo is of the coastline looking right.