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Fun On The Beach – East Cliff Capitola

Posted by Dave Dilworth on Mar-13-14


This young man and his sister were enjoying a sunny late winter day on the beach. The boy was like a sheep dog,
not letting his sister get into any mischief.


Today’s Surfing Photos – March 11, 2014

Posted by Dave Dilworth on Mar-13-14






 Look at that wall of water about to bowl me over.







A Matter of Perspective

Posted by Dave Dilworth on Mar-13-14

These two photos represent two different perspectives of enjoyment. The first is a couple enjoying a late winter (I call anything in March Spring) day on a bench near Lighthouse Point – actually on the bluff just above Dog Beach. Notice how they are dressed. It is 70 degrees, but as usual the breeze from the ocean creates a cooling effect. The second photo is just below them on Dog Beach. A young couple are enjoying a late winter day the way they think it should be embraced. Personally, I’m at the bench stage of my life, but I enjoy watching the young people be young.




Two Youngsters Enjoying West Cliff

Posted by Dave Dilworth on Mar-13-14

This is Spring in Santa Cruz. The sun is out and it’s a great time to go for a walk. Temperature – 70 degrees.




Posted by Dave Dilworth on May-12-12

Today, Saturday, May 12, 2012 I made a very big mistake while messing around with my blogs. I deleted all the messages for the Keep Santa Cruz Weird blog. Fortunately, I had a back-up, but I had to copy and paste HTML code back and forth until all the postings were back. It looks like I posted all these on May 12, but in reality they go back several months. I won’t be able to fix that, but at least all my work was not lost. Sorry!


West Cliff Drive – November 22, 2011

Posted by Dave Dilworth on May-12-12

Peak season for Monarch Butterflies in Santa Cruz is mid October,
but you will find butterflies through February.

This person may be packing all his early possessions, but then again he may
be on some kind of trek to find the ultimate meaning of life!

One of the countless scenic views from the West Cliff walking trail. Driving this
route is beautiful, but you see much more if you walk or bike it on the sidewalk.

Jogging and walking Fido are favorite pastimes along this trail.

Natural Bridges State Park isn’t the only place to boast these beautiful rock formations.

A little stroll with your sweetie is just what the doctor ordered!

Check out the bird photos on my sister blog that were taken during this walk – AKABirdNerd


November 21, 2011 – Moss Landing

Posted by Dave Dilworth on May-12-12

On a clear day you can see the familiar concrete smokestacks from Santa Cruz.
I spent a few hours photographing birds and and surfers on this beautiful sunny fall day.

Kayakers observing birds, otters and sea lions.

Incoming fishing boat

Sightseeing boat observing the sea lions on the dock

Getting ready for some fun in the surf


November 19 – Pleasure Point Area

Posted by Dave Dilworth on May-12-12

Here is a set of 27 photos, mostly surfing shots, that were taken on my daily walk out to Pleasure Point and towards Capitola and back. I’m posting them in order in which they were taken. I hope you enjoy them:

The waves are a bit more manageable as you head towards Capitola village from Pleasure Point. As
you can see there is more to surfing than catching a wave. You obviously must be aware of
those around you.

Relaxing with Fido and MP3 player on the bluff. It doesn’t get better than this!

Sometimes you just have to dive under the wave and hope for the best!

This looks like a more adventurous way to watch the surfers.


The Wave Is The Siren

Posted by Dave Dilworth on May-12-12

Lake Moran Beach
November 19, 2011

Yikes – I’ll earn my ride today!
Pleasure Point
November 19, 2011

Pleasure Point
November 19, 2011


West Cliff Drive – November 10, 2011

Posted by Dave Dilworth on May-12-12

On the 9th my wife and I walked East Cliff Drive. We do that often because we live so close. Once or twice a week we drive across town to Lighthouse Point and West Cliff Drive. Here are some photos from our walk. It was a beautiful Fall day and the surf was up! I’m going to post these in order taken, so this is really going to look like a hodgepodge of photos. I hope you enjoy some of them.

I think maybe this gal is ready for anything!

Here is another bike that has everything but the kitchen sink. Well, I’m not sure of that. I
wonder if these two cyclists are going to hook up?

I thought this gentleman a fine example of a Santa Cruzer.

Oh Oh. I guess I got caught. This must be a girl that thought I was a pervert or she’s in
the witness protection program.

If memory serves, this surfer was with the one in the previous photo. Getting down to the
water can be quite an endeavor in itself.

There were some really good waves on this day. The closer you got to the lighthouse and the point, the
bigger they were. Those looking for less of a beating, tended to stay out where the waves were
a bit easier to handle. These next photos were taken closer to the lighthouse and point.

This young boy was no beginner. I’d say he is about Junior High age, and he was tackling some
big waves. In some cases the waves just wiped him out, but I was impressed.

I had to take a quick break from the surfers to take this photo of Vessel Assist. I do my boating up in
Puget Sound and my emergency insurance includes towing by Vessel Assist. I really hope I
never have to give them a call.


Sometimes you just have no control.

And sometimes you master the wave.

This fellow could care less about the big waves. He was rockin in his own little world.
You can do this in Santa Cruz.

These monks were enjoying the surfers.

Where’s Waldo? or
Do you ever feel like the world is weighing on your shoulders?